Zimmer Hip Lawsuit | Life Changing Symptoms

Zimmer Hip Replacement Problems Lead To Life Changing Symptoms

Staff Writer | February 1st, 2011

In July 2008, Zimmer Holdings, the largest orthopedic device manufacturer in the US, suspended sales of one of its most popular products, and is facing a nationwide Zimmer hip lawsuit. The implant was found to cause a series of painful symptoms and Zimmer hip replacement problems.

The most common Zimmer Hip replacement problems

The following is a selection of the most common Zimmer hip replacement problems, which have forced many of the 12,000 Durom cup recipients to seek a second, corrective procedure known as hip revision surgery.

Startup Pain

Many Durom hip recipients complain of pain in the hip area when they first arise from a sedentary position. This is one of many Zimmer hip problems that may be experienced even during a successful hip surgery. However, in the case of a successful hip surgery startup pain will only last for a couple months. In Zimmer Durom hip recipients, start up pain may last until the device is replaced.


Many hip recipients walk with an “antalgic gait,” a limp that occurs when an individual walks in a manner so as to avoid putting weight on a damaged limb. Those who experience Zimmer hip problems may limp more noticeably than others.

Groin Pain

Some Durom cup recipients experience Zimmer hip problems that include a sharp pain in the groin area when arising from a seated position. This Zimmer hip problem may be so serious as to keep a hip recipient from participating in upright activities.

Stair Pain

Many Durom cup recipients complain of difficulty walking up and particularly down stairs. This is one of several hip implant failure problems that may prevent individuals from leading an active life.

Loss of Endurance

Some Zimmer hip recipients report that they cannot walk further than the length of a football field without rest. In many cases, this Zimmer hip problem is worse than the hip problems the patient experienced before hip replacement surgery.

Zimmer Hip Problems are life-changing

Each of these Zimmer hip problems, on its own, is a serious medical condition that may prevent a hip recipient from leading an active life. In combination, Zimmer hip problems can do much worse. If you’ve experienced one or many Zimmer hip problems don’t hesitate to consult your doctor about what can be done to improve your life.