Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuit | Millions Reserved

Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuit News: Millions in Reserve

Staff Writer | March 21st, 2011

Dozens of the thousands of Americans fitted with Zimmer’s Durom Cup, a scrutinized acetabular hip replacement component, have contracted a Zimmer hip lawyer to file a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit.

Although concerns were first raised about the device in 2006, Durom Cup lawsuits continue to trickle into courts throughout the country, where they are redirected to a centralized court in New Jersey.

Zimmer Hip replacement settlements instead of trial?

So far, there is little news of any Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit reaching trial. There may be good reason for that: Zimmer Inc. has suggested it wishes to reach a settlement with those who have filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit.

In 2008, Zimmer Inc. revealed it had set aside $69 million to settle the growing Durom Cup claims. In July 2010, the orthopedics manufacturer stacked an additional $75 million into the settlement reserve.

So far it is unclear if any of the more than $140 million settlement reserve has been distributed to plaintiffs. Dozens of Durom Cup claims still appear to be awaiting pretrial litigation at the New Jersey court. As per court rules, the lawsuits will be sent back to the districts where they were filed to be tried by a jury after pretrial litigation is complete in New Jersey. A settlement, which can be reached at any time, would prevent the lawsuits from reaching trial.

Zimmer Hip replacement failure

Concerns about the Durom Cup were first made public by lauded orthopedist Dr. Lawrence Dorr in 2008. He found fault with the fixative surface of the component, a problem he said caused hip implant failure in nearly 9 percent of Durom Cup recipients within just 2 years.

Zimmer Inc. temporarily recalled the device in response to Dr. Dorr’s concerns, however the company said Durom Cup problems were linked to the surgical technique, not the device itself. At the time of the recall, approximately 12,000 Americans had already received the Durom Cup.

Many of those 12,000 patients make up the dozens of plaintiffs who have hired a Zimmer hip lawyer to represent them in court. It’s unclear if those plaintiffs will ever, in fact, have their day in court. If Zimmer hip settlement offers are sufficient, no trial will ever be necessary.