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Is Zimmer Durom Cup Coating Causing Hip Failure?

Staff Writer | April 16th, 2011

The curious number of Zimmer Durom Cup hip failure reports within 5 years of implantation have resulted in many recipients seeking compensation by filing a Zimmer hip lawsuit. For many recipients who have experienced problems with their implant devices, hip revision surgery is often the only solution. Medical experts have suggested that the source of the high hip failure rate lies in a coating used exclusively in the U.S.

The Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant is a cementless device. There is no attachment device other than natural bone growth which would hold the implant in place. The Zimmer hip coating is a porous plasma meant to stimulate the natural growth of the hip bone directly into the Durom cup surface. The bony in-growth is vital to the success and function of the implant.

US Zimmer Durom Cup hip failure may be linked to flawed coating

Glowing reports from Europe regarding the success of the Durom cup encouraged similar projections for the US release. Between 2006 and 2008 approximately 12,000 Durom cup implants were sold in the United States. However, a very different trend soon emerged in the U.S. with rapidly rising complaints from recipients who experienced problems with their devices within 5 years of implants.

Based on the number of reports received so far, potentially thousands who received the U.S. Zimmer Durom cup model suffered a complete failure of the device and either have had or will have hip revision surgery.

Dr. Richard Dorr, a prominent Zimmer consultant and leading orthopedic surgeon, led the pushback against usage of the device noting that the revision surgery often revealed the source of the problem. He noted that while performing many of hip revision surgeries, often the original implant would simply fall out of the socket, evidencing the failure of the necessary bond.

Medical experts have compared the difference in the success rate of Durom Cup implants overseas to the outcome in the US. One theory offered speaks to differences in the coating intended to stimulate the bony ingrowth. The European Zimmer hips have a slightly different composition and thickness in the porous plasma coating. This theory continues to hold while others in the medical community continue to debate just how different the coating is and if it could be responsible for the drastic outcome faced by so many US Durom cup recipients.