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Zimmer Durom Cup Patients Facing Hip Revision Surgery

Staff Writer | April 26th, 2011

Zimmer Holdings Inc. has been at the center of litigation regarding their orthopedic devices. Specifically, problems with the Durom Cup device has led to a number of Zimmer hip lawsuit filings against the manufacturer.

The Durom Cup is designed with microscopic pores that are intended to allow the patients’ bone to naturally form ingrowths and hold the implant in place. Without proper fixation, Zimmer hip failure is more likely to occur.

Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a longtime consultant of Zimmer, condemned the product when he noted an apparent trend among his patients complaining of persistent pain post implant. When performing hip revision surgery, the device would often pop free of the socket; an indication that fixation never occurred.

Hip failures lead to hip revisions

The Zimmer hip failures were alarming as many of his patients would have to undergo hip revision surgery within as little as two years of the first procedure. Hip prosthesis such as the Durom Cup are designed to last over 15 years.

Hip revision surgery is only recommended in limited situations such as occurs with infection of surrounding joint tissue, loosened implant devices, hip dislocation, or persistent pain. Given the potential for complications, revision surgery is generally not a doctor’s first choice. Patients who undergo any type of surgery are at risk of unforeseen complications. And patients who elect for hip replacements procedures are typically over the age of 55 which make them more susceptible to certain complications such as those associated with anesthesia, infection, damage to nerves and blood vessels, and prolonged rehabilitation.

Both legal and medical experts agree that the problem should be addressed at the manufacturing level. Zimmer hip lawyers advocate against revision surgery as a solution to Durom Cup failure, and critics believe that production of the current Durom Cup should be ceased until the fixation problem is solved.

Zimmer continues to publically deny problems associated with the Durom Cup hip implant.