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Zimmer Hip Implant Recall & Other Zimmer Recalls

Staff Writer | May 10th, 2011

With recalls, suspensions of sales and adverse event reports,  it can be difficult to keep up with just what is happening with various orthopedic devices manufactured by Zimmer Inc., one of the largest medical device companies in the world.

Over the past five years, much has happened on the regulatory front with Zimmer components. The same can be said of the orthopedic components manufactured by other large device manufacturers such as DePuy and Stryker.

But Zimmer news might be more difficult to follow than the other companies. Zimmer manufactures a wide range of products and a number of its components, from tiny tibial components to large acetabular hip components have been pulled from the market.

Zimmer hip problems lead to suspension of sales

Perhaps the most significant regulatory action to hit Zimmer was the 2008 suspension of sales of the Durom Cup metal-on-metal hip implant, which was found to be packaged with inadequate surgical instructions. More than 12,000 people had already been implanted with the device at the time of the suspension, which many liken to a Zimmer hip implant recall. It’s unclear how many of those patients experienced Zimmer hip problems such as component loosening, migration or dislocation.

A number of Durom Cup recipients hired a Zimmer hip lawyer and today many of those claims have been met with undisclosed settlements reached in mediation.

Zimmer’s NexGen knee system has also been implicated in recall rumors and adverse event reports. The NexGen series is one of the most popular replacement knee systems in the world, with over 3 million devices implanted worldwide since the system was introduced over a decade ago.

Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex failures

A particular cementless model of the NexGen, known as the porous femoral NexGen CR-Flex was named in a 2010 report that found higher than expected complications and revision rates.

It has also been reported by the FDA that thousands of Zimmer knee components were recalled last year due to manufacturing defects and improper instructions. The components include NexGen TM tibial trays, NexGen MIS modular tibial plates and keels and NexGen LPS components.

Lawsuits have been filed in connection with Zimmer knee problems, with new cases joining the litigation almost every week.

Still, though Zimmer knee litigation has gained increasing attention over the past year, the hip litigation has made the most significant progress, with Zimmer Inc. setting aside nearly $150 million in a settlement fund dedicated to those fitted with the Durom Cup.

Hip implant recipients who believe they may have received the Durom Cup are encouraged to undergo a thorough case evaluation with an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer.