Zimmer Hip Lawsuit | Zimmer Hip Implant Failure

Zimmer Hip Lawsuit: Who, What, Where, How Much?

J. Cooper Carlisle | May 6th, 2011

In 2008, Zimmer Inc. suspended sales of the Durom Cup, one of its most popular hip replacement systems after the company determined the device had been packaged with inadequate surgical instructions. This voluntary suspension of sales has often erroneously been referred to as a Zimmer Hip recall.

Some Zimmer Hip complications appeared soon after surgery

At the time, the device had already been implanted into more than 12,000 patients. Many of those hip replacement recipients developed hip complications requiring hip revision surgery soon after receiving the device. Some developed complications years after surgery.

Zimmer Hip implant failure settlements

Today, scores of Durom Cup recipients have hired a Zimmer hip lawyer and filed a lawsuit to secure compensation for past and future medical costs associated with the defective device. Many of those plaintiffs have taken their claims to mediation, where they have been offered settlements worth hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars.

$150 million Zimmer Hip lawsuit fund established

All who have developed complications from the Durom Cup may be eligible to win compensation in the ongoing litigation. Durom Cup recipients who have experienced total Zimmer hip failure and required revision surgery may have particularly viable claims against Zimmer Inc., which has set aside nearly $150 million in a reserve fund dedicated to Durom Cup recipients.

It is unclear how much of that reserve fund has been distributed in undisclosed settlements. As more Zimmer hip lawsuits join the litigation, the likelihood grows that the settlement reserve will grow. Zimmer Inc. has shown a willingness to add to the fund, building the reserve from an initial investment of $47.5 million.

Zimmer Hip Lawsuit consolidation

All Durom Cup lawsuits are currently consolidated in a federal court in New Jersey. Durom Cup lawsuits filed in federal courts throughout the US will be forwarded to New Jersey, where they will be evaluated alongside similar claims. The Zimmer hip lawsuit may then be sent back, or remanded, for trial to the district where it was initially filed.