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Scoring Zimmer Hip Replacement Problems

Staff Writer | July 19th, 2011

Patients complaining of Zimmer hip replacement problems are often faced with the challenge of describing their symptoms to their physicians. To facilitate better communication, doctors typically resort to a list of questions that can often grow tedious for patients facing hip revision surgery. Questions such as:

Can you sit comfortably in a chair for one hour?

Can you walk two or three blocks? How about six blocks?

Can you put your shoes and socks on with ease?

These questions are part of a system known as the Harris Hip Score.  The questions are designed primarily to help diagnose symptoms such as Zimmer hip replacement problems. They may also be useful for a Zimmer hip lawyer trying to assess the viability of a patient’s legal claim.

A Harris Hip Score can range between 0 and 100 points

At the high end of the Harris hip score spectrum are “excellent” scores between 90-100, and “good” scores between 80-90.  Patients with “fair” scores of 70-79 and “poor” scores of 60-69 are the more concerning cases for physicians.  Popular wisdom might seem to dictate that Zimmer hip recipients with excellent or good scores may have little reason to consult with a Zimmer hip lawyer.

However, these scores may provide too subjective a standard.  Every patient has a different threshold for pain, a unique coping mechanism, and individual way of expressing the limitations of their respective conditions.  Patients who receive “high scores” may in fact, still have just as legitimate a claim as those with fair to lower scores.  Regardless of score, a Zimmer hip lawsuit is a real option for anyone who experiences serious complications due to a defective implant.

Evaluation of Zimmer hip complaints

Zimmer has set aside nearly $150 million for patients who received its Durom Cup, an acetabular component found to cause Zimmer hip replacement problems in patients fitted with the device. More than 12,000 Americans have been fitted. Many of them have filed a Zimmer hip lawsuit and taken home settlements worth undisclosed amounts. Zimmer hip lawyers have evaluated patient claims of those fitted with the Durom Cup and who have experienced Zimmer hip replacement problems.  These patients may be eligible to receive shares of the settlement fund.

The Harris Hip Score may be one of the first steps for a person considering filing a Zimmer hip lawsuit.