Zimmer Hip Lawsuit Settlement | Zimmer Hip Revision Surgery

Zimmer Hip Failure Victims Face Zimmer Hip Revision Surgery

Staff Writer | July 27th, 2011

According to a recent study, more patients are getting hip revision surgeries, including Zimmer hip revision surgery, at younger and younger ages. These patients are experiencing Zimmer hip failure from artificial hip joints at higher rates. Side effects from Zimmer hip failure include pain, lack of mobility metal toxicity in the blood due to microscopic metal shavings polluting the bloodstream. Many of these patients are seeking a Zimmer hip lawsuit settlement to cover the rising costs of Zimmer hip revision surgery, physical therapy and lost wages.

High Rate of Zimmer Hip Failure

More than 12,000 patients received the Zimmer hip implant from 2006 to 2008. The artificial hip joint has been recalled since 2008, largely due to the high rate of Zimmer hip failure. The joint would come loose and the metal-on-metal composition would cause metal shavings to leach into the patient’s bloodstream. The problems led to patients requiring Zimmer hip revision surgery to repair the damage. Patients have continued to seek out attorneys to help them obtain Zimmer hip lawsuit settlements.

Painful Zimmer Hip Revision Surgery

Other studies have shown that the Zimmer hip failure rate is much higher, especially in younger patients, than the rates in other artificial joints. Since younger patients are typically more active than older patients, the Zimmer hip failure rate in those patients leads to them requiring more Zimmer hip revision surgery at younger ages. A younger patient may require four to five revision surgeries in their lifetimes, as opposed to the one or two typically required in older patients.

Patients Recover Damages Zimmer Hip Lawsuit Settlements

The Zimmer hip revision surgery is often a painful and expensive procedure, which often necessitates the patient seeking out a Zimmer hip lawsuit settlement to help with the expenses. According to one report, the company has set aside $145 million to cover the costs of a Zimmer hip lawsuit settlement on their Durom Cup Zimmer hip failure. The first cases should be heard either late this year or early in 2012. However, some industry observers expect at least some of the cases to reach a Zimmer hip lawsuit settlement before heading to court.