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No New MDL Zimmer Hip Lawsuit News

Staff Writer | July 2nd, 2011

The June 29 status conference for all Zimmer hip lawsuits included in multidistrict litigation (MDL) in U.S. District Court of New Jersey has come and gone with no major news reported or court orders handed down. Zimmer hip lawyers will therefore continue to advance their Zimmer hip lawsuits towards trial, though no official start dates have been established yet by overseeing MDL U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeleine Cox Arleo.

For now, Zimmer hip lawyers will continue to move forwards with the pre-trial discovery phase by assembling depositions pertaining to common and case-specific issues. Permission to pursue such depositions as of June 15, 2011, was granted via Judge Arleo’s most recent May 3 court order.

Zimmer hip lawsuits join MDL

All Zimmer hip lawsuits filed in federal courts across the country were centralized into MDL in 2010 by a federal judicial panel. Patients who filed Zimmer hip lawsuits did so after experiencing negative side effects from being fitted with Zimmer’s “Durom Cup” hip replacement system. Though the Durom Cup device was promised to last for 15 years in patients with active lifestyles, a high percentage of implants began to prematurely fail only several years after surgery. Plaintiffs in Zimmer hip lawsuits, along with their Zimmer hip lawyers, seek compensation for side effects such as device dislocation, revision surgery, and metal poisoning resulting from metal shavings from the implant being released into the tissue and bloodstream.

Stay on pretrial hearngs allow for Zimmer hip settlements

Just after Zimmer hip lawsuits were consolidated into MDL, Judge Arleo issued a stay for all pre-trial hearings to provide a window of time for Zimmer hip lawyers on both sides to negotiate out-of-court settlements. Judge Arleo’s decision relied on the fact that mediation in previous Zimmer hip lawsuits had often produced such settlements, allowing both parties to avoid the costs — in terms of time, money, and resources — of a court trial.

Judge Arelo’s strategy proved successful, with many Zimmer hip lawsuits avoiding trial after Zimmer hip lawyers reached pre-trial settlements. In May 2011 Judge Arleo lifted the year-long stay and ordered that the non-settling cases begin moving to trial.

The number of Zimmer hip lawsuits brought by Zimmer hip lawyers increased in 2008, after Zimmer voluntarily pulled the Durom Cup device off the market in response to multiple studies reporting unacceptably high failure rates.