Zimmer Hip Multidistrict Litigation | Zimmer Hip Settlement

Zimmer Hip Multidistrict Litigation and Lawsuit Settlements

Staff Writer | August 18th, 2011

In order to understand the latest news associated with Zimmer hip multidistrict litigation, those affected by the lawsuit should understand what multidistrict litigation is and how it affects the Zimmer hip settlement. Multidistrict litigation is a process that the federal court system uses to transfer all open/pending civil cases of a similar nature filed in the United States to one federal judge. The decision to transfer cases to one federal judge is made by a panel of seven federal judges that are selected by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Susan D. Wigenton of the New Jersey federal court was assigned the Zimmer hip multidistrict litigation. Judge Wigenton has a large amount of experience dealing with multidistrict litigation situations.

Successful Zimmer hip lawyers

Earlier in 2011, all cases involved in the Zimmer hip multidistrict litigation cases were ordered to go to mediation. A number of Zimmer hip lawyers have successfully negotiated settlements for their clients. However, seven cases failed to agree on a settlement and will move further into the litigation process. Depositions were scheduled to begin on June 15th. Zimmer hip lawyers were scheduled to provide updates on the status of their cases at a conference scheduled for June 29th. No newsworthy information came from the conference, so Zimmer hip attorneys will continue to prepare for trial by assembling depositions and working through issues specific to their individual cases.

Zimmer hip settlement fund

Since the Zimmer hip was voluntarily recalled by Zimmer Inc. in July 2008, almost $150 million has been set aside as compensation for those who were fitted with the Durom Cup. Because a number of settlement agreements have not been made, many speculate that what remains of the fund may not be enough to cover the remaining settlements when the rest of the cases are resolved. The exact dollar amount needed to cover the remaining unresolved cases will not be known until the cases are resolved. It is also possible that no other settlements will be paid out of the fund if Zimmer hip lawyers fail to prove their cases in court. The remaining cases will not go to court until later this year or early next year.