Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuit | Zimmer Hip Class Action Lawsuit

Zimmer Hip Lawsuit Class Action Approved by Canadian Judge

Ryan Green | September 13th, 2011

A Canadian Supreme Court judge has approved a class action Zimmer hip implant lawsuit against the artificial joint manufacturer. Any Canadian citizen who has experienced Zimmer hip problems with their Durom Cup acetabular device is technically eligible to join the Zimmer hip class action lawsuit.

Zimmer hip problems lead to class action Zimmer hip implant lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is one in which multiple plaintiffs join together to bring a single complaint of wrongdoing against a shared defendant. In the case of the Canadian Zimmer hip class action lawsuit, patients who allege problems with a specific hip implant known as the Durom Cup have joined together to file a single legal action.

Some hip patients who received Zimmer’s Durom Cup implant complain of life-altering side effects due to hip implant failure such as extreme joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, unexpected immobility, lack of range of motion, early device loosening, and hip revision surgery, which is a second surgery required to replace the initial hip implant.

In a class action Zimmer hip implant lawsuit, any jury-awarded damages or compensatory settlements negotiated by a Zimmer hip lawyer are split equally amongst all the plaintiffs. The representative plaintiffs in the Canadian Zimmer hip class action lawsuit are Susan Wilkinson and Dennis Jones.

Zimmer hip lawyer tells his client’s story

According to her Zimmer hip lawyer, Wilkinson, a 51-year-old nurse, was first implanted with the Durom Cup hip in 2008. Only three months after surgery, Wilkinson began to report to her doctor Zimmer hip side effects such as pain in her leg, groin and hip areas. She additionally experienced a clicking sound in her new joint implant, as well as the sensation that the prosthetic hip was on the brink of dislocation. By 2009, the pain in her hip became so intense that she was forced to use a cane in order to walk. Wilkinson also alleges that her hip pain caused her to take powerful painkillers around the clock.

Not only did Wilkinson have to miss work because of her Zimmer hip side effects, her Zimmer hip lawyer alleges, she also was forced to abstain from her normal active lifestyle, which included gardening, skiing, and curling, a popular Canadian ice sport. Later in 2009, Wilkinson had revision surgery to replace her Durom Cup implant.

In approving of the class action Zimmer hip implant lawsuit, Justice Gregory Bowden acknowledged that at least 33 other Canadian patients have reported premature device failure of their Durom Cup hip implants. According to the Zimmer hip lawyer responsible for the Zimmer hip class action lawsuit, up to 100 Canadians are expected to join the class action suit.