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Additional Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuits Continue to be Filed

Whitney Taylor | October 27th, 2011

Despite the complaints that continue to pile up against the Zimmer Durom Cup replacement device and any subsequent Zimmer hip implant lawsuit currently in the court system, Zimmer Holdings has refused to issue a Zimmer hip replacement recall and continues to market their device to the medical community. As a result, the number of Zimmer hip lawyers filing complaints against the company is increasing at a rapid rate, with one of the latest Zimmer hip implant lawsuits filed in an Illinois court this month.

Latest Zimmer hip implant lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court

In this Zimmer hip implant lawsuit, the plaintiff, Wayne Strawder, claims that he was given a Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Prosthesis system when he underwent a full right hip replacement procedure in 2007. Just two weeks after the initial surgery, Strawder required revision surgery to correct an acetabular cup dislocation. After the second surgery, Strawder returned to normal activities, as was appropriate during his recovery from the two surgeries and after recovery was complete, according to the complaint filed by Strawder’s Zimmer hip lawyer.

Earlier this year, less than four years after the first hip replacement, Strawder underwent a second full hip replacement procedure. The acetabular component had become loose in the original hip replacement device, and the only way to repair the problem was through another complete hip replacement surgery. As a result, Strawder and his Zimmer hip lawyer have filed a Zimmer hip implant lawsuit seeking compensation for Strawder’s injuries and medical bills that accumulated throughout the ordeal in an amount exceeding $50,000.

Latest Zimmer hip implant lawsuit against Zimmer Holdings

The Zimmer hip implant lawsuit filed by Wayne Strawder is not the first one to be filed against Zimmer Holdings by a long shot. This company has seen more than its share of legal action as a result of a higher than average failure rate from its Durom Cup device. Many of the Zimmer hip implant lawsuits across the country are now consolidated into a federal MDL in the U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey. The first bellwether trial in the MDL is scheduled to be heard sometime next year. In the meantime, Zimmer hip lawyers are filing additional Zimmer hip implant lawsuits across the country, such as the case of Strawder in Cook County, Illinois.

In light of ample evidence showing a high failure rate of the Zimmer Durom Cup and other similar hip replacement devices from other manufacturers, the FDA has required the companies that are manufacturing these devices to provide solid proof that the devices are completely safe for patients. At this time, Zimmer Holdings still has not issued a Zimmer hip replacement recall, but some speculate that a recall may be in the future, now that the FDA is directly involved in the process. Unfortunately, the more time that goes by before a Zimmer hip replacement recall is issued, the more Zimmer hip implant lawsuits may make it into courtrooms across the nation.