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Australia’s Orthopedic Registry and Zimmer Hip Lawsuits

Sarah Klein | October 22nd, 2011

Johnson & Johnson is currently facing 3,500 claims in Australia alone and has paid approximately $21 million to reimburse patients implanted with their artificial hip replacement products.  The hip problems alleged to have been caused by that company’s devices are similar to the hip problems associated with another orthopedic device manufacturer: Zimmer, manufacturer of the Durom Cup.  Both companies were among the top sponsors at a recent annual conference of the Australian Orthopedic Association.

US Zimmer hip lawsuits are not bound by national registry

Unlike Australia, the United States does not have an orthopedic registry or any other regulating body to monitor the frequency of reported Zimmer hip problems.  Each Zimmer hip lawyer takes a distinct position regarding what sort of impact a national orthopedic device registry would have on a Zimmer hip lawsuit.  Some believe that a regulating body similar to the orthopedic registry in Australia will benefit both surgeons and the public.

While not yet required as in other countries with a national registry, an American Joint Replacement Registry was founded by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in March 2009.  It was created by those medical professionals in an effort to track the nearly 250,000 people who undergo joint replacement surgery each year in the United States.  A Zimmer hip lawyer would likely agree that reliance on the statistics tracked by foreign registries simply does not offer a true reflection of the devices used in the U.S. alone and may not for example, offer the frequency of Zimmer  hip problems accurately.

Meanwhile, the FDA is charged with tracking the success and failure rates associated with the implant devices of several companies. In an effort to minimize adverse event reports, the agency has recently demanded post market studies from the device manufacturers themselves.  It also in the process of reviewing an approval method that acts to fast-track certain devices to market without thorough medical and performance studies.

Patients with hip problems seek  Zimmer Hip Lawyer

Since a temporary recall of the Zimmer Durom Cup was initiated in order to investigate allegations of early hip failure, many recipients have come forward with questions about filing a  Zimmer hip lawsuit in the hopes that they may receive compensation for the pain and suffering associated with the allegedly defective hip implants.  Of course there was  never a ban issued regarding the devices, and the Zimmer Durom Cup was back on the market within a few months.  In an effort to remedy the adverse event reports, the manufacturer modified the surgical instructions that came packaged with the implants.  To date, no changes have been made to the actual product itself.  Zimmer hip problems continue to occur as evidenced by the increasing number of individuals who have contacted a Zimmer hip lawyer.