Zimmer Hip Failure | Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuit Numbers

Zimmer Hip Failure Continues to Plague Recipients of Durom Cup Device

Sarah Klein | October 12th, 2011

For those suffering arthritis or those who have suffered a hip bone fracture, hip replacement surgery seems the next logical step.  The rise in the incidence of Zimmer hip problems, though, gives the public a reason to think twice before undergoing the procedure.  Zimmer hip failure is no laughing matter, and it is not as simple as taking it back to be repaired or having a certain part replaced.  The hip is a joint that takes a lot of pressure and, as such, it can wear out with age at a rate depending on one’s lifestyle.  When an individual starts to feel pain while performing simple acts such as sitting down or standing up, it may be a sign of a hip problem.

Rise of the Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Zimmer hip problems first came to light in 2008, when Dr. Larry Dorr voiced his concern over the increased incidence of Zimmer hip failure to its manufacturer and the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.  According to Dr. Dorr, the Durom Cup makes the manufacturer liable to a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit due to its usual inability to bond as required for normal function of the implant.  This led to the temporary suspension of sales of the Durom Cup in the same year by Zimmer, its manufacturer.  The damage has been done, however, as lawsuit after lawsuit was filed after the suspension.  Patients who have already received the device expressed concern and are now seeking assistance and information regarding the matter.

After bringing the Durom Cup back in the market, Zimmer, together with 21 other manufacturers, is again under fire as the FDA has joined the public in questioning the safety of their products.  In light of this, the FDA has required these companies to provide solid proof of the safety of their metal-on-metal hip replacement systems.

Zimmer Hip Problems Now a Problem of the Federal Judge

Individuals seeking relief have filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit. Many of those claims have been transferred to a single court for pre-trial coordination in a process known as multidistrict litigation or MDL.  Opening arguments in the first MDL bellwether trial are expected to commence sometime in 2012.  For the time being, individuals with Zimmer hip problems should continue to monitor their condition so that any irregularities can be detected immediately.