Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuit | Zimmer Hip Settlement Fund

Zimmer Hip Settlements May Depend on Revision Surgery

Ryan Green | October 31st, 2011

Although there has not been a formal Zimmer hip implant recall, plaintiffs in a Zimmer hip implant lawsuit will need to provide strong evidence of device failure in order to obtain a Zimmer hip settlement. In fact, the need for revision surgery, which is a second procedure to replace the initial implant, is generally required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a patient’s artificial hip system has prematurely failed.

Durom Cup was subject of Zimmer hip recall

Zimmer’s Durom Cup hip device was the subject of a temporary Zimmer hip implant recall in 2008. The joint manufacturer acknowledged a higher than expected rate of early dislocation in patients implanted with the Durom Cup, but professed that the problem was due to inadequate surgical technique. Zimmer subsequently returned the Durom Cup to the market with more elaborate instructions for proper surgical procedure.

Zimmer hip lawsuits allege Zimmer hip side effects

It’s not only patients who were injured by the Durom Cup that have filed a Zimmer hip implant lawsuit. Plaintiffs with pending product liability actions have also alleged early failure of Zimmer’s Trilogy Acetabular hip system. Plaintiffs seek a Zimmer hip settlement for a host of harmful side effects, including metal poisoning, infection, soft tissue damage, and bone fracture, all of which can lead to early loosening of the device and eventual revision surgery.

Plaintiffs in a Zimmer hip implant lawsuit not only claim that their Zimmer hip was defectively designed, but that Zimmer knew about the risks of early dislocation and failed to sufficiently communicate them to the public. Injured patients are looking to receive compensation for not only physical, but mental suffering, as well as lost income or impaired earning capacity. They also seek reimbursement for their attorney’s fees and all other costs related to their lawsuits.

Zimmer hip settlement fund grows to $145 million

At the time of the Zimmer hip implant recall, the joint manufacturer established a robust Zimmer hip settlement fund, recognizing the likelihood that numerous patients would choose to file a Zimmer hip implant lawsuit. At a 2010 stockholders conference, Zimmer Holdings Inc. revealed that the fund had grown to contain $145 million dollars. No current reports exist as to how much the fund has increased in size since that time.