Zimmer Hip Lawsuit | Zimmer Durom Cup Failure

History of Problems Leads to Multiple Zimmer Hip Lawsuits

Whitney Taylor | November 4th, 2011

Problems with the Zimmer Durom Cup has resulted in numerous Zimmer hip lawsuits in recent years, but the problems with the device date back longer. The hip replacement device was first introduced onto the U.S. market in 2006, after use in other countries since 2003. The Zimmer Durom Cup was aggressively marketed in the United States, and it is estimated that around 12,000 hip replacement patients received the device during the time it was sold.

First signs of Zimmer Durom cup failure

Dr. Lawrence Dorr is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who had worked as a consultant with Zimmer prior to the introduction of the Zimmer Durom Cup. Dr. Dorr implanted this device into many of his own patients, but eventually realized that those patients were experiencing a much higher Zimmer Durom Cup failure rate than patients receiving others types of devices. Patients with the Durom Cup were coming back to his office, complaining of severe pain and reduced mobility, just months after receiving the component.

Upon further examination, Dr. Dorr discovered that in many of these patients, the Zimmer Durom Cup failure was caused by the socket separating from the bone. According to Zimmer, the cementless device was designed to fuse with the surrounding bone, allowing the implant to become fully integrated with the femur. However, these devices were pulling away from the femur, and some patients were requiring revision surgery to correct the problem.

Zimmer warned of problems prior to first Zimmer hip lawsuit

Dr. Dorr took his concerns to Zimmer, but the company determined that it was surgical technique, rather than the device itself, that was the cause of Zimmer Durom Cup failure. Dr. Dorr then went to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, where he discovered that other orthopedic surgeons had experienced similar Zimmer Durom Cup failure rates to his own.

With numerous surgeons voicing concern over the device, and the number of Zimmer hip lawyers filing cases on behalf of injured clients rising, Zimmer was forced to halt sales of the Durom Cup in 2008. The company stated at the time that additional investigation was required into the safety and effectiveness of the implant. The company also issued new instructions on implanting the device to reduce failure rates. Since that time, two studies have shown a higher rate of Zimmer Durom Cup failure than other cementless hip implant devices, including the Metasul and the Trilogy – two other Zimmer products.

Despite these findings, and the rising number of Zimmer hip lawsuits, no recall has been issued for the Zimmer Durom Cup at this time. While sales have been suspended in the United States, patients who were fitted with the implant during the two years it was on the market continue to experience problems with the device. It appears that Zimmer hip lawsuits will continue to be filed by Zimmer hip lawyers seeking compensation for their injured clients.