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Ohio Woman Files Zimmer Hip Lawsuit After Two Revision Surgeries

Shay Morrigan | November 22nd, 2011

Ohio resident Theresa Brammer filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit on September 21, 2011, claiming that as a result of the alleged design defects of the Zimmer Durom Cup, she suffered numerous physical injuries and had to go through two revision surgeries to correct the damage. Her husband, Lawrence Brammer, is also claiming in the Zimmer hip lawsuit that he suffered economic losses as well as the loss of the society, love, and comfort of his wife.

This Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit was originally filed in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, but was recently transferred to the current Zimmer hip lawsuit multidistrict litigation (MDL) in New Jersey.

Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit claims Durom Cup defective

According to the Brammer’s Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit, the Durom Cup is defective. According to the manufacturer, the outside of the cup is porous, and sprayed with a titanium plasma-sprayed coating intended to facilitate the cup’s bonding with the patient’s own bone. Brammer’s Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit indicates that the bone was supposed to grow into the exterior shell of the cup to hold the cup in place, but her case, as well as in many others who have filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit, the cup resisted bone growth and came loose, sometimes popping free from the hip, which can damage the pelvic bone.

Such early loosening causes extreme pain to the patient and requires revision surgery to replace the Durom cup with another implant. According to Brammer’s Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit, the failure rate of the Durom Cup is estimated as high as 24 percent—much higher than what is normally considered to be an acceptable failure rate. Theresa Brammer reveals in her Zimmer hip lawsuit that she was implanted with the Durom cup on May 7, 2008, and had to go through her first revision surgery on January 31, 2011, and a second revision surgery on April 20, 2011.

Brammer also suspected of suffering Zimmer hip metal poisoning

Brammer’s Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit also suggests that she may have been a victim of Zimmer hip metal poisoning. The Durom Cup is a metal-on-metal hip implant, and according to some reports can sometimes generate metallic debris during regular wear and tear, causing Zimmer hip metal poisoning. In the complaint for Brammer’s Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit, her Zimmer hip lawyer states that Brammer,  ”like other patients in the studies, likely suffered from metal debris causing death to the soft tissue and bone surrounding her hip.”

Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit to join New Jersey MDL

The New Jersey MDL under Judge Madelaine Cox Arleo continues to supervise each Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit transferred to the court, which is currently involved in the pre-trial process. Initial bellwether trials are expected to begin in 2012, though the company may negotiate Zimmer hip lawsuit settlements rather than proceed to court.

In her Zimmer hip lawsuit, Brammer is suing for negligence, liability, negligent infliction of emotional distress, failure to warn, fraud, and loss of consortium, and is seeking a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit settlement in excess of $20 million.