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Zimmer Hip Lawsuit Alleges Multiple Dislocations

Staff Writer | November 30th, 2011

A Minnesota woman has hired a Zimmer hip lawyer and sued orthopedics manufacturer Zimmer, alleging that her hip implant dislocated a total of six times over a four-month period. She seeks a Zimmer hip settlement of more than $75,000.

Injured patient seeks a Zimmer hip settlement

In July of 2009, then-Kansas resident Tina Muetz had the Zimmer Trilogy Acetabular Hip System implanted into her left hip. According to her Zimmer hip lawyer, the model was marketed as a choice that would allow her to return to her active lifestyle, which had included hiking, fishing and spending time outdoors.

However, in January of 2010, according to the complaint drafted by her Zimmer hip lawyer, Muetz dislocated her Zimmer hip for the first time. The hip dislocated three more times in the winter and spring of 2010 in Wichita, Kansas. Each time, Muetz had to be hospitalized and placed under anesthesia to have the hip relocated. The Zimmer Trilogy Acetabular Hip System continues to be available to U.S. patients, and has not been the subject of a Zimmer hip recall.

Zimmer hip lawyer alleges “pain and trauma”

Muetz quit her job as a surgical technician because, as her Zimmer hip lawyer states, the “pain and trauma associated with the hip dislocations would not allow her to perform her job,” and moved to Minnesota in spring of 2010 to be near her family. After moving to Minnesota, her hip dislocated two more times, amounting to an alleged total of six dislocations in a four-month span. Each dislocation was associated with “incredible pain and trauma,” for which her Zimmer hip lawyer seeks a Zimmer hip settlement. Muetz alleges that the Trilogy hip device is defectively designed, and as such should be considered for a possible Zimmer hip recall, so that other patients will not have to experience the same painful side effects that she has endured.

In September of 2010, 14 months after her initial implant, Muetz underwent hip revision surgery and, according to her Zimmer hip lawyer, “continues to suffer from serious bodily injury and harm.” She seeks a Zimmer hip settlement to compensate for the “economic and non-economic damages” she has incurred.

Despite complaints, no Zimmer hip recall

Zimmer’s Trilogy Acetabular Hip System has not been subject to a Zimmer hip recall. A Zimmer hip lawyer will distinguish this model from the Durom Cup hip, which, while also not subject to a Zimmer hip recall, had its sales suspended in 2008 after reports that patients were experiencing similar hip complications with the device.

Zimmer hip settlement sought for physical and emotional pain and suffering

Muetz’s Zimmer hip lawyer alleges that the Trilogy model is “defective and unreasonably dangerous,” and seeks a Zimmer hip settlement for Zimmer’s purported “negligence, carelessness, recklessness, gross negligence and wantonness,” which has caused Muetz to suffer mental and emotional anguish, physical pain and suffering, loss of earnings potential and future earning capacity.

Despite the absence of a  Zimmer hip recall, the FDA has mandated that all orthopedic device manufacturers conduct extensive post-market surveillance studies to evaluate the effectiveness of their implants. Opposing the claims of plaintiffs’ Zimmer hip lawyer, the manufacturer maintains that there is no need for a Zimmer hip recall, and that instances of hip complications are not due to defective design, but instead to inadequate surgical technique.