Zimmer Hip Lawyer | Zimmer Hip Replacement Recall

Patients May Consult a Zimmer Hip Lawyer For a Variety of Reasons

Whitney Taylor | December 29th, 2011

Alleged Zimmer hip problems have prompted injured patients to consult with a Zimmer hip lawyer. Criteria for a lawsuit varies, based on the type of Zimmer hip problems experienced, the precise model of implant the patient received and the time frame between when the problems occurred and when the lawsuit was filed. Patients will additionally want to clarify whether or not their particular model of knee has been the subject of a Zimmer hip replacement recall.

Plaintiffs experiencing  Zimmer hip problems may contact a Zimmer hip lawyer

Some patients have consulted a Zimmer hip lawyer with claims that they developed Zimmer hip problems after being implanted with the Zimmer Durom Cup implant. Though the Durom Cup has never been the subject of a Zimmer hip replacement recall, the company did withdraw the Durom Cup from the market for three months in 2008 to investigate reports of Zimmer hip problems like failure of the bone to bond with the implant, loosening of the joint, metal poisoning, and the need for revision surgery to replace the device..

Though patients who have filed lawsuits with the aid of a Zimmer hip lawyer claim that their Zimmer hip problems were partly due to a flaw in the Durom Cup’s design, Zimmer reportedly found no evidence that the implant was defective, and thus no reason to issue a Zimmer hip replacement recall. Zimmer released the device back onto the market after the three-month suspension accompanied by more thorough surgical instructions.

Despite no Zimmer hip replacement recall, Zimmer hip lawyer may file suit

The Durom Cup was designed to fuse directly to natural bone, but patients who have hired a Zimmer hip lawyer to file a product liability suit allege that the devices they were implanted with resisted bone growth and never integrated into the natural structure as intended. A plaintiff’s Zimmer hip lawyer may also claim that the metal-on-metal construction of the Durom Cup device can cause metallosis, or metal poisoning, when friction between the metal components causes small metal shavings to come off the implant and enter the surrounding tissue and bloodstream.

Patients who believe they have experienced Zimmer hip problems have reached out to a Zimmer hip lawyer to see if they might be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries in a court of law.

Lawsuits are filed even though the FDA has not issued a Zimmer hip replacement recall

Though the FDA has not issued a Zimmer hip replacement recall, plaintiffs continue to enlist the help of a Zimmer hip lawyer to help them in filing lawsuits.  Multidistrict litigation (MDL) for lawsuits filed in federal district courts by a Zimmer hip lawyer has been established in New Jersey. The purpose of the MDL is to coordinate and streamline the pre-trial processes for plaintiffs who have filed actions alleging serious Zimmer hip problems.