Zimmer Hip Replacement Problems | Zimmer Hip Failure

Zimmer Hip Failure Receives National Media Attention

Staff Writer | January 17th, 2012

A recent article published in the New York Times cited Zimmer Holdings, among other all-metal hip manufacturers, in what it characterized as “the most widespread medical implant failure in decades.” Though Zimmer hip replacement problems have sparked a number of lawsuits, Zimmer maintains that its hip implants are safe and effective.

Zimmer hip failure subject of concern

The December 27, 2011 New York Times article noted that until recently all-metal implants, such as Zimmer’s Durom Cup model, accounted for nearly one-third of the estimated 250,000 hip replacements annually performed in the United States, and that an estimated 500,000 individuals have received all-metal implants. Reports of Zimmer hip replacement problems, such as Zimmer hip failure, as well similar problems associated with other manufacturer’s all-metal models have led to declining use of the devices in favor of other alternatives.

Hip revision may be required in wake of Zimmer hip failure

A physician studying problems with all-metal hips at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University believes, according to the New York Times, that tens of thousands of patients in the United States may be forced to undergo implant-repair surgery over the next decade.

Allegedly, some of these surgeries have already occurred. These surgeries and associated medical procedures can be extremely costly. The Times reported that one man dealing with problems with his all-metal hip has amassed $400,776 in hospital expenses and $28,081 in doctors’ bills.

Those injured by Zimmer hip replacement problems, including Zimmer hip failure, are among the estimated 5,000 plaintiffs who have filed suit against hip replacement manufacturers, seeking compensation for pain, suffering, loss of mobility, lost income and earning capacity, and medical expenses related to their metal-on-metal devices.

Has there been a Zimmer hip replacement recall?

In response to the number of individuals who reported Zimmer hip replacement problems, the manufacturer issued a voluntary suspension of sales of its Durom Cup in 2008.  During that time, the manufacturer investigated the causes of the reported Zimmer hip failures. Ultimately, the company placed the Durom Cup back on the market within a few months, blaming the reported problems on surgical error rather than manufacturing or design defects.  A Zimmer hip replacement recall was never issued.

Though Zimmer Holdings maintains that its all-metal implants are safe, the New York Times article noted that the company has settled a number of patient claims arising from Zimmer hip failure and other Zimmer hip replacement problems.

Meanwhile, Zimmer hip failure litigation continues.