Zimmer Hip Settlements | Zimmer Hip Replacement Recall

Texas Plaintiff Seeks Compensation for Zimmer Hip Problems

Staff Writer | February 2nd, 2012

Texas resident Jeffrey Johnson joins the list of plaintiffs across the U.S. seeking Zimmer hip settlements. According to his complaint, which was filed on January 9, 2012 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Johnson underwent surgery to install an artificial right hip in 2008. He received a Zimmer Trilogy Acetablular Hip System, which included a Zimmer Trilogy Shell and Liner.

Growing number of plaintiffs pursue Zimmer hip settlements

Both Johnson and his surgeon were allegedly led to believe by Zimmer promotional materials that the Zimmer Hip System was safe and effective for total hip replacements. At the time of his surgery, Johnson was 42 years old, and led an active lifestyle that included hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, and playing with his children.

Like many plaintiffs now seeking Zimmer hip settlements, Johnson believed that his hip replacement would allow him to return to the active lifestyle he enjoyed.

Has the FDA issued a Zimmer hip replacement recall?

Despite the fact that the FDA has not issued a Zimmer hip replacement recall for the Trilogy implant he received, Johnson claims in his lawsuit that his hip was “defective and unreasonably dangerous.”

Cracked liner may result in Zimmer hip settlements

Johnson’s Zimmer hip lawyer claims the plaintiff began having difficulty with his artificial hip within fifteen months of his initial surgery. It first dislocated in 2009, causing him pain and trauma and requiring medical intervention to reset the hip back into place. Over the next twenty-four months, Johnson’s hip implant dislocated five additional times.

In 2010, he underwent a Total Right Hip Revision Arthroplasty to remove the Zimmer hip. According to the complaint, Johnson’s surgeon found that the polyethylene Zimmer Trilogy Liner had fractured, a complication that has caused other patients to pursue Zimmer hip settlements.

Due to his multiple dislocations and revision surgery, Johnson has allegedly suffered serious bodily injury, physical and mental pain and anguish, and incurred substantial medical and other expenses. Like other similarly situated plaintiffs seeking compensation for Zimmer hip problems, Johnson will pursue his case in federal court unless the defendants reach out to negotiate Zimmer hip settlements.

Neither the manufacturer, nor the FDA have indicated any plans for a Zimmer hip replacement recall.