Zimmer Hip Failure | Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuit

Zimmer Holdings Reports Earnings Jump Despite Litigation

Whitney Taylor | May 1st, 2012

Despite a growing Zimmer hip implant lawsuit total, and allegations from plaintiffs of premature Zimmer hip failure, Zimmer Holdings reported growth in earnings per share during the first fiscal quarter of 2012. According to Fox Business, the company reported a profit of $209.6 million, up from $208.9 million reported one year earlier. The company credits at least part of the increase to the number of Zimmer hip sales, with an increase in hip and knee replacements of about two percent.

Plaintiffs allege early Zimmer hip failure

This profit spike comes at a time when an increasing number of plaintiffs are going to court, represented by a Zimmer hip lawyer, to try to claim damages for injuries sustained as an alleged result of experiencing early Zimmer hip failure. Plaintiffs and their doctors have reported problems like pain, dislocation and metal poisoning. They claim Zimmer has not adequately warned consumers about the risks, and continues to market the devices to doctors and patients who are unaware of the complications that Zimmer hip implant lawsuit plaintiffs have reported.

No Zimmer hip replacement recall, despite concerns

Neither the FDA nor the manufacturer have implemented a Zimmer hip replacement recall. Amid growing concerns, Zimmer did suspend sales of the Durom Cup hip implant for three months in 2008 to examine claims of problems with the device. However, the company determined that physician error, rather than manufacturing defect, was the cause of the higher rate of Zimmer hip failure. The product went back on the market with more thorough surgical instructions, and sales may have contributed to the earnings reported recently by Zimmer Holdings.

Zimmer hip implant lawsuit plaintiffs claim multiple symptoms

Zimmer hip implant lawsuit actions have involved a number of alleged problems, including pain, dislocation of the joint, reduced mobility, and revision surgery resulting from irresolvable Zimmer hip failure. Another reported complication is metallosis, a condition that can occur when metal-on-metal components rub together and cause small metal particles to shave off and enter the bloodstream and surrounding tissue.

Despite concerns and a growing Zimmer hip implant lawsuit number, the profits for Zimmer Holdings continue to grow.