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New York Seamstress Claims Zimmer Hip Problems Caused Business Losses

Shay Morrigan | June 19th, 2012

New York resident Mary Ann Mahaney, represented by her Zimmer lawyer, is seeking compensation for Zimmer hip problems she suffered as a result of being implanted with the Zimmer Durom Cup implant. Like other plaintiffs who have complained of hip pain and loosening of the implant, Mahaney claims Zimmer should be held liable for failing to address the alleged problems with its device prior to subjecting so many patients to implantation.

Mahaney was a self-employed seamstress prior to her operation, and now claims that because of her injuries, she has suffered substantial economic losses and has had to drastically alter her daily customary activities.

Plaintiff claims serious Zimmer hip replacement problems

According to the complaint drawn up by her Zimmer lawyer, Mahaney went through right total hip resurfacing surgery on January 2, 2008, during which her surgeon implanted the Zimmer Durom Cup. Mahaney claims that at no time was she or her surgeon told, warned, or given information about the risks associated with this device.

Prior to the surgery, Mahaney describes herself as an energetic, capable, and self-employed seamstress and mother who maintained an active lifestyle. Two years after her surgery, however, she allegedly began to experience Zimmer hip replacement problems, including significant pain in her right hip where the Durom cup was implanted.

Mahaney followed up with her surgeon on January 27, 2011. An x-ray revealed possible fibrous acetabular ingrowth. Mahaney was referred for a bone scan. On March 8, 2011, her surgeon confirmed via the bone scan that there was uptake around the acetabulum that was causing her problem. He noted that the Durom cup was the cause of the issue and the pain, and recommended she undergo a total hip replacement.

Prominent orthopedic surgeon notes Zimmer failures

Mahaney’s Zimmer lawyer notes in her complaint that the Durom Cup was originally marketed as a solution that would provide greater range of motion and less wear than traditional hip replacement implant components, making it ideal for younger patients.

In fact, it was only months after Mahaney’s implantation that prominent orthopedic surgeon Dr. Larry Dorr published a letter to his colleagues explaining the Zimmer hip replacement problems some of his patients were having. These included failure to achieve the bony ingrowth necessary for the cup to become permanently fixed to the bone.

On July 22, 2008, Zimmer initiated a temporary suspension of sales of the Durom Cup, in order to investigate reports of early failures. They re-released the product about a month later, having concluded the problems were caused by surgical error.

Plaintiff seeks compensation for Zimmer hip replacement problems

Mahaney claims that as a direct consequence of the defendant’s negligence, she has incurred medical expenses and bills, lost wages, endured physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and sustained physical injuries and damages. She has not yet undergone revision surgery for fear of losing her business.

Her Zimmer lawyer has filed the case in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York.