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Zimmer Hip Lawyer Says Company Should Have Anticipated 24% Failure Rate

Staff Writer | June 6th, 2012

A Zimmer hip lawyer working on behalf of California resident Troy Williams says Zimmer Holdings should have known about the alleged 24% failure rate of the Zimmer Durom Cup before marketing the product to consumers.

The Zimmer Durom Cup is a metal-on-metal hip replacement system approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. Unlike other hip replacement devices that are cemented or screwed in place, the Zimmer Durom Cup is designed to bond to the patient’s bone structure.

According to the Zimmer hip lawsuit complaint, “The failure rate of the Zimmer Durom Cup is estimated at upwards of 24% (twenty-four percent) when analyzing patients over a four-year period (2006-2010).”

Through his Zimmer hip lawyer, Williams argues that the company, which estimated device failure rates at 5.7 percent, should have known failure rates would exceed projections. The defendant joint maker maintains its claim of an industry-acceptable 5.7% failure rate, and claims that instances of premature failure are not due to a design defect, but instead poor technique on the part of surgeons.

Zimmer Hip Lawsuit Says Company Distributed a Defective Device

Williams vs. Zimmer Holdings, Inc., which was filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California (Sacramento) on April 30, 2012. Plaintiff Troy Williams accuses Zimmer Holdings of producing and marketing a defective device. Williams hired a Zimmer hip lawyer after receiving a Zimmer Durom Cup implant in his right hip on January 19, 2007.

According to his Zimmer hip lawsuit, a year after receiving the implant, Williams experienced severe pain in his hip. If the cup does not correctly adhere to the bone structure, it can loosen, which is extraordinarily painful. Device loosening can also release metal particles into the blood stream, which can cause blood poisoning.

Williams is discussing hip revision surgery options with his physicians. He obtained a Zimmer hip lawyer in an effort to recover losses associated with the physical and financial stresses he experienced as a result of his faulty device.

Judge Lawrence K. Karlton is overseeing his Zimmer hip implant lawsuit. A conference before Judge Karlton is scheduled for July 16, 2012.

Zimmer hip implant lawsuit follows voluntary recall

Zimmer temporarily suspended sales of the Zimmer Durom Cup in 2008. Sales were temporarily suspended due to allow the company to investigate reports of adverse effects associated with the device.

However, several months after the suspension, sales resumed. After conducting an internal investigation, the company deemed a Zimmer hip replacement recall unnecessary.