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Plaintiff Seeks Compensation After Zimmer Durom Cup Collapse

Staff Writer | August 9th, 2012

A man who underwent corrective surgery after his Durom Cup implant failed is now seeking compensation for Zimmer hip injuries, citing claims against defendant Zimmer and other related parties. The plaintiff alleges that a surgeon implanted the device in his right hip on September 29, 2008, but was told on December 27, 2010, that the device had collapsed and would require him to have revision surgery.

However, as the plaintiff’s body reacted to the right hip device failure, his left hip caused him severe pain and required surgery immediately after the collapse. He is seeking compensation for Zimmer hip injuries and cites 12 causes of action, including design and manufacturing defects, negligence, breach of express and implied warranties, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The case was originally filed in the District Court for Oklahoma, but was removed to federal court jurisdiction in the United States District Court, Western District of Oklahoma.

Durom Cup linked to high failure rates

Zimmer is a leading hip and joint company, specializing in creating products for people who have require joint replacement. The Zimmer Durom Cup is designed to bond with the hip bone, but has been linked to higher than expected failure rates, as injured individuals assert that the product fails to properly bond as intended.

In some cases, the cup resists bone growth and comes loose or pops free from the hip, causing pain and damage to the pelvic bone, often necessitating revision surgery.

Additionally, a New York Times article suggested that the devices could begin to wear soon after insertion, therefore causing a condition called metallosis. Metallosis is the result of microscopic metallic debris entering a person’s blood stream and soft tissue.

Zimmer hip settlement prospects for Durom Cup cases

In 2010, the Judicial Panel on Multidsitrict Litigation (MDL) initiated an MDL proceeding in a New Jersey Federal Court pertaining to the Durom Cup. A least 75 cases have joined this proceeding, and more than $145 million in Zimmer hip settlement money has been set aside for potential settlements and payouts as a result of the litigation.

Working with a Zimmer hip lawyer

In spite of the numerous issues and complications associated with the Zimmer Durom cup, the devices have not been recalled to date. Patients who have experienced complications have consulted a Zimmer hip lawyer to see if they are eligible to receive compensation for Zimmer hip injuries.