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Zimmer Hip Lawyer Files Complaint in New Jersey Court

Staff Writer | January 7th, 2013

Zimmer Gavel SmashA couple from California have sued Zimmer Holdings, Inc., makers of the Durom Cup hip implant – a device that has suffered a high rate of “unexplained failure,” according to their Zimmer hip lawyer. The Contra Costa County residents are seeking damages for pain and suffering, ascertainable economic losses, costs and punitive damages.

As detailed in court documents, the plaintiff had to undergo a complicated operation to remove the Durom implant. The case was filed in the New Jersey District Court – site of the DePuy multidistrict litigation – on November 19, 2012.

Reports of Zimmer hip replacement problems have been widespread since the Durom device was launched in 2006. An estimated 12,000 patients have received the implant since then, and the high failure noted by doctors and surgeons led to Zimmer suspending sales in July 2008. Despite taking this action, Zimmer maintains that the Durom Cup is safe and effective when used properly.

Zimmer hip replacement problems

It was an orthopaedic surgeon and Zimmer consultant who first alerted the company to problems associated with the Durom Cup. Larry Dorr, M.D., had noticed an abnormally high failure rate among patients who received the implant, and sent a letter to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) in 2008 detailing 10 out of 165 hip replacement operations involving the Durom Cup where the patient had to have revision surgery. Another four patients were waiting for revision surgery. Zimmer initially ignored Dr. Dorr’s, but finally relented on July 22, 2008, and temporarily halted sales.

Metal-on-metal systems prone to complications

Evey year, nearly half a million people undergo hip replacement operations in the U.S. The Durom Cup uses a metal-on-metal system, intended to allow the patient’s bone to bond with the device. As Zimmer acknowledged in 2008, such devices are technically challenging to implant. They also said that “additional surgical technique instructions and training are necessary in the United States, and we strongly recommend that U.S. surgeons stop implanting the Durom Cup until receiving such training.”

Zimmer also noted the benefits of a single-sheet metal implant, including a reduced risk of dislocation and better preservation of the natural hip joint cavity. The company said these benefits should be weighed against the surgical skill required to perform the operation.

Plaintiffs seek court award or Zimmer hip settlement

Scores of patients affected by the Durom Cup have filed lawsuits with the assistance of an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer. Like many who were implanted with the allegedly defective device and experienced complications requiring revision surgery, the plaintiffs in this case are seeking compensation via a  jury award or an out-of-court Zimmer hip settlement. In addition, legal funding companies are advancing money to plaintiffs who have hip revision cases pending. These firms believe the cases have merit and are willing to provide pre settlement funding to clients who have suffered revision.