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Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuit Filed After Two Failed Implants

Staff Writer | December 9th, 2013

Zimmer Hip Replacement LawsuitAn Idaho man has filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit against Zimmer Holdings Inc. to recover compensation for physical injuries allegedly resulting from the use of the Durom Cup.  The plaintiff alleges that the Zimmer Durom cup has unprecedented failure rates, despite assurances that this metal-on-metal hip implant would offer a better solution than other products on the market.

The plaintiff, with the help of a Zimmer hip lawyer, is demanding monetary damages for the failure of two Durom Cups that were implanted and both reportedly failed.

Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit seeks compensation

The plaintiff had his first hip replacement procedure in his left hip at the age of 49 and had a second surgery to implant the Zimmer Durom Cup in his right hip at age 50.  Both surgeries took place at St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, which is located in Boise, Idaho.

The Zimmer Durom Cup that was used in both of the plaintiff’s procedures had been specifically marketed to younger patients like the plaintiff, who wanted to stay active and who wanted a broader range of motion than would typically be available after a hip resurfacing or replacement. Zimmer Holdings reportedly promised that the Zimmer hip replacement system would resist wear and tear because it was a metal-on-metal product.

Hip replacement joints include different components including an acetabular cup that sits inside a socket in the pelvis called the acetabulum, and a new femoral head that sits atop the femur bone. In products like the Durom Cup both the acetabular cup and the new femoral head are made of metal. In traditional hip replacements, ceramic components were used.  The Zimmer Durom Cup is the acetabular component and, unlike some hip replacement systems, was not screwed or cemented into place but was instead designed to fuse with the bone.

However, many surgeons and medical industry professionals have found problems with the Zimmer Durom Cup, prompting many patients to file lawsuits alleging they had suffered crippling complications caused by premature failure.

Plaintiff demands compensation for alleged injuries

Unfortunately, the Zimmer Durom Cup allegedly resisted bone growth and did not adhere properly in many patients, thus becoming loose or even popping free entirely from the hip. The metal-on-metal components also were allegedly prone to wearing away, thus resulting in metallic debris being released in the body.

Many patients, including the plaintiff, required revision surgeries because of these problems. Dozens also experienced significant pain they believe is linked to the Zimmer product. The plaintiff alleges he experienced severe pain, and incurred costs associated with an invasive, expensive and painful revision surgery that occurred in September of 2013.

The plaintiff argues that Zimmer Holdings is responsible for not just the surgery costs but also his ongoing damages including lost wages; disfigurement; and pain and suffering.  The claimant’s attorney states that the company should be held liable for failure to warn; breach of warranty; negligence and strict liability for defective design and manufacturing defects. The plaintiff seeks compensation in excess of $75,00 for losses.