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Do I have a case?

If you have received a Zimmer Durom cup hip replacement, you may be experiencing the common hip replacement problems associated with the devices.  Wide reports among patients of persistent and increasing pain, decreased mobility, hip implant loosening and dislocation led doctors to investigate the source of the hip implant problems. They discovered that the Zimmer Durom cups failed to bond properly with the hip bone.

As a result of the Zimmer hip implant failure, patients increasingly needed a second invasive hip surgery, called a hip revision surgery, to correct their problems.

Talk to a Zimmer hip lawyer

Anyone who has had received the Zimmer replacement and is experiencing any of the symptoms associated with failure of the hip implant is encouraged to seek the advice of a Zimmer hip lawyer and learn their legal rights.  Time is of the essence when filing personal injury and product liability claims, so don’t wait another day to get a Zimmer case evaluation.