Zimmer Hip Class Action Lawsuit

Can I join a Zimmer hip class action lawsuit?

A Zimmer hip class action lawsuit would combine the complaints of several plaintiffs into a single claim against the manufacturer of the Zimmer Durom cup hip replacement devices, and then divide the compensation award among the class members according to their respective injuries and other predetermined criteria.  No plans to launch a Zimmer class action lawsuit have yet been announced.

Class actions are appropriate when the class of plaintiffs suffer from similar injuries.  At this point, it remains to be seen if a representative class of plaintiffs will emerge among the  Zimmer hip lawsuit claims.  Thousands of patients who received the implants suffer Zimmer hip problems ranging from chronic pain to total failure of the hip implant.  Many require hip revision surgery to correct the problems caused by the defective hip implants; others elect not to have the second hip surgery or simply cannot have it for health or financial reasons.

Zimmer hip lawsuits consolidated in MultiDistrict Litigation

Instead, Zimmer hip lawsuits have been consolidated in multidistrict litigation pursuant to a June 2010 court order.  The order assigned all federal Zimmer hip lawsuits to the District of New Jersey.

Like class action, multidistrict litigation (“MDL”) funnels cases filed in different districts into one district under the supervision of one judge.  However, consolidation is lifted and the cases sent back to their original jurisdictions at the conclusion of a predetermined event in the litigation such as the discovery phase.  The goal of multidistrict litigation is maximum efficiency.  All parties stand to benefit from a speedy resolution to the Zimmer Durom hip claims.

Start your own Zimmer hip lawsuit

Individuals who received a Zimmer hip replacement, and who are concerned about their health should bring their concerns to the attention of their doctors.  If those patients have in fact suffered an injury related to the implant,  a Zimmer hip lawyer may be able to help with filing of a claim.