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A Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

Every day I receive telephone calls from people who call our  Zimmer hip lawsuit phone number in desperate need of  help from an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer.   Their voices are filled with anxiety and dread.  They are all facing the prospect that their Zimmer hip implants have failed or will fail, and will need to undergo a second hip implant surgery, more rehab, more time away from their work and their family, and months of agonizing pain that will only get worse before it gets any better. If it gets any better…

Patients with Zimmer hip problems complain of chronic pain, implant loosening, and dislocation due to the failure of the hip implant to bond successfully with the bone.  This negligent design flaw will cause thousands of patients needless additional suffering.

For many, hip revision surgery may offer the only medical solution to these serious Zimmer hip problems.  However, for elderly patients on blood thinners like Pradaxa, the risk of internal bleeding while on medication may prevent them from having revision surgery, further complicating an already bad situation. Consultation with an experienced Zimmer hip lawyer can at least provide a legal answer.

Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC. are taking the lead in Zimmer hip litigation.  We are currently evaluating cases from people all over the country who are struggling with their defective hip replacement devices.  Anyone considering whether to file a claim should first consult an experienced trial attorney and learn more about their legal rights.  Call us at the Zimmer hip lawsuit phone number listed above anytime, day or night.  We will be happy to provide a free consultation and give you some measure of peace during this very stressful time.

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